Thursday, October 12, 2006

Me and Pippa

well franco is in gales now, or wales in english! we went to malaga airport bright and early this morning, lots of people there already, but we parked easy enough, the whole of the airport is under construction, its awful, there is going to be a new run way, lots more checking in desks, lots more car parking and a new access road, so its just one big building site just now and if you really dont want to drive to the airport... dont! easy coming out though...

pippa will start to wonder where her 'daddy' is in an hour or so, she waits up on the roof for him to whistle to her... ah our baby!

now... had some, well lots of photos done, franco wanted to take some with him and we had four rolls of film just waiting to be processed, now we only use the digital one these had been waiting a long time, infact going by the dates well over two and half years, so they dont look great for having been left just sitting, some of them look a little rosy in color, but then dont we always view the past with rose tinted glasses... well some of it anyway!

here are some photos we took in sardinia back in february 2005... the wonderful beaches, the sand still coming all the way to the road and beyond, the car driving through looking like he is in the desert!

and this is the hotel we stayed in alghero.... we did arrive during the day, but i cant remember it looking so so... so neady! in nead of total restoration or worse! the room was nice enough the shower room was massive and i rember the shower head was broken and the spray went everywhere but down, all the walls were wet the towels on the rail and the toilet paper! what a mess, and it was freezing there, february and cold, the days outside were ok, chilly but nice and bright all but the last day, but all the nights were so cold, we put nearly all our clothes on to go to sleep! and we left the heaters on all day, but you could only feel the benefit of them up close, the hotel rooms were so big, very high ceilings...

photos tomorrow or later, seem to be having trouble uploading, will add later..

now pippa wants a walk so we're off out now...

We are responsible for everything
that happens in this world,
we are warriors of light and, with the strength,
of our love and will, we can change
our destiny and that of others...


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