Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ladies who lunch!

had a good time today when we lunched... and became ladies who lunch! we are doing it all over again in december!

we met in the bar at 1pm and then an hour later all 21 of us walked along to savannah restaurant to have our lunch, three courses for 7€ cant be bad eh, i had a salmon mousse (?) starter, fish for main course and we all had pavlova for desert...

then home about 430pm! only beat franco home by an hour!

sunday we had a really lovely day, very unexpected... franco should have been working, but wasnt! so we went to the market as usual and took pippa, then we dropped her off home and went to mijas pueblo, we had coffee and looked around the shops, franco got a new jacket for going to wales this week, something warm! and he bought me a beautiful dress... i will get a photo of me in it... well sometime!

then we went on our way home, into the restuarant moreno, and had lunch there... i had chueletas cordero, lamb chops, and franco had conejo... rabbit! and nice deserts after... the restaurant is always very busy, its a huge place with dozens of tables outside as well as in, and very good food, always, the workers go there, so thats always a good indication of good food.

this morning took pippa for her usual long walk, then later her and i went down to the vets, i am going to give her some natural remedies for her hipertension, something to calm her down a little, not make her so fearful of every noise and bump, and hopefully she will also walk around with her tail held high and not tucked so far under she looks like its gone altogether! just try it and see, i cant face giving her something strong, my poor little baby!

crissie... if your reading this let me know how your husbands doing, did you make it out here? hope all is good.

Just before a dream is fulfilled,
the soul of the world decides to test everything
that was learned on the journey...


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