Tuesday, October 31, 2006


please here imagine a photo of tony and friend in costume! cant up load photos today!

holiday news later, or tomorrow, firstly today..... Halloween! i dont know why but this day has always been very special to me! almost up there with christmas which is rather strange! although my aunt rita said my grandmother from naples was always in demand of the local people for potions and recipe's.... so my broomstick is ready... yes really, an old boss, as in long ago, for my 30th birthday with a very beautiful cake gave me a broomstick... just like the one witches use to fly by night... only he put on two stickers... first said, dont slam the door and the other.... oh and something else, will let you know!

and yes all my travels and i still have above mentioned broom stick, and here in spain the witch is a very lucky symbol, lots of weather vains have witches on, and lots of other things, regular bits and pieces, like cups and mugs, ornaments etc etc....

anyway, i digress as usual!

went down to the coast today to see my old neighbor, arrived about 10 and left her well after 3pm, we had coffee out and lunch in, beautiful day, checked on roof terrace when i got home and its still reading 32C lovely... 6pm still light! unlike london, dusk and calpe near my friends... strange same country but so much darker!

i went into the garden centre on my way home and got 8litres of earth and a big square pot for a plant i have to pot!

but, once home lots to do! we bought lots of sweets for the trick o treaters for this evening, so i had to bag 'em up, 40 little bags, and about 10 sweets in each, using my little kitchen things so as not to handle them, was fiddly but ok, and i was very good only ate one banana thing and a licorice bullet!

theyre all in a bag i made last year, black with white bones hanging from the front, we have a big pumpkin.... now dont all go crazy on me, but last night we got in from a local shop, its plastic! and has batteries and a flashing light! but it will last forever ok! thats going in the window downstairs, and to hang from the balcon a creapy skeleton... its robed and a bit scary! so that'll be dangling from above!

then i had my little shrine to make, also ditto last year, to welcome any passersby from the other side, friends and family and happy folk only... its a little flower bower, some food to feed them and water to quench... this is something some people here still do, lots, not just me... and aparently moms friend says they do this in thailand also!

in a small try are all the names of my loved and lost ones, on top of them are three little tea lights as we call them, those little whilte candles that burn for about 2 hours, last year one of the names got out of the dish and onto the tray... my dads.....

pippa has tried to eat the pasta so far, so i will have to watch her or it will be tipped up all over the place.

el zoco, still looks about the same, lots of scaffolding, so work done yet, the news agents and sports shop underneath have opened, and the little book shop is opening this thursday to sell off its stock, just for two months and then they are shutting.

oh and mercadona man is due anytime now... hope he isnt dressed up in scary costume! shall i give him some sweeties? maybe i'll open the door and say trick or treat?

ok broomstick says, please dont slam the doors and turbo boost! just went up there as pippa was being strangly quiet, she was laying down in the middle of the back bedroom floor looking guilty, but cant see any damage... yet!

Those who never take risks can only see other people's failures.

Happy Halloween.....



Anonymous said...

Has anybody seen "flep"

Anonymous said...

Marian, what a riot you are. :-) Life there sounds very active!


Marian said...

Anon... flep last spotted on the beach in calpe! he didnt enjoy the trip much by coach, long time in a suitcase, in the dark!

and last night he was gone for hours trick o treating, seems no one could see him in his costume... the invisable man!

forget me not said...

Lots of fun Marian- So what did Pippa do anyway?

Marian said...

Honora mi amiga... so active! i think today i will be house bound! oh and a few sweets left... uummm

Marian said...

FMN... hello! as i sit here your message came through! pippa! oh my poor baby, all the children, all the door bell going and and shouting... she spent the whole evening in a right old state! gave here a cookie everytime too! she is sleeping now, exhausted from last night!

forget me not said...

She probably has indigestion from too many cookies!