Tuesday, October 17, 2006


just heard about the subway crash in roma... i cant, i dont want to imagine how it must have been for those poor people in there underground, i am a bit claustrophobic and i suppose we have seen so many movies and documentories, the mind boggles about the tragedy.

the photo above.... is a graffiti'd van driving on the street in sardina, so much graffiti there, never seen so much anywhere, all over the trains the vans, walls... everywhere!

had a bad'ish migraine that started unexpectedly on sunday morning at 10! been up a couple of hourse, breakfast, walked pippa and bam! went to bed, got up late afternoon to put rubbish out and food for pippa, who didnt eat it, strange now, she wont eat if i havent! so i suppose now she knows who is the boss eh!

she was company though for me, she never left the bed, moved about lots but never left it, only thing every time i moved, which was alot she thought i was getting up and got all excited every time! i did get up monday morning to phone my friend to tell her i wouldnt be in work, and another phoned me to tell me she wouldnt be in! i made some oats for pippa and pretended to eat some so she would finish it, which she did, then back to bed, and i got up about 430-5 ish monday afternoon, my head still hurt but the pain in the rest of my body for laying down so long was too much to take and i was starting to have bits going numb on me, so too many squished nerves, and after a couple of hours i could use my right hand again... blooming head! i get this awful bit vein sticking right out on my left temple, its horrible and take a day or so to go down, it still hurts now.. never mind i'm ok now.

pippa and i went for a quick second walk just now and a little boy started running around pippa and making to hit her, she is so nervous i had to pick her up, i didnt want her to bite him out of fear, which a dog will do. then he was calling her names as we walked away, my poor little pip! she has started on the calming tablets this morning, so hopefully in a couple of weeks she will feel a little bit better in her self and not so always on edge, the vets gave me homeopathic tablets, bach flower remedies for dogs, though not humans! didnt know they had them for pets, but apparently they work quicker on animals!

enought writing for today... was all over with my spelling earlier, and quote today is one i came across this afternoon i wanted to share with y'all...

The mind is like the stomach, it is not how much you put into it that counts, but how much it digests. A J Nock



forget me not said...

Great quote Marian!

Honora said...

I've just looked at all the posts I hadn't seen most recently. Marian, you are a lot of fun. I hope your migraines and fibromyalgia stay calm more than they flare up. Hello to Pippa for us ;-)

Marian said...

FMN... thank you, i think its one to remember eh!

Honora... thank you too, said hello to pippa and with a scratch behind here big ears! little cutie!

forget me not said...

When I first read your reply to honora I thought you said you wanted to scratch her behind the big ears... :-)

Marian said...

Ooops! sorry! no i meant pippa's big ears! sometimes i wish her, pippa's ears that is! were a little smaller, she has ears so big... all the better to hear with! i'm sure she can hear all the way into town from here!