Friday, January 05, 2007

12th Night

thats is the tree is down, christmas is officially over, well will be by midnight when the presents come out for the children of spain, a guy came round a couple of weeks ago asking if we had children in the house, i said my sons were in england and he laughed!?! well now i know why the local council give out presents to each of the children in the town! crikey!! and they get delived this evening... somehow? so i guess england would be a kilometre too far.......

there is music playing from the plaza infront of the church right now, really get our shoes on and go look to see what happening out there...

did i tell you my mom has got me on some tablets from england for the over 50's! GREAT eh, not there yet folks infact some while to go, but she thought they may help my new aches and pains, and also bought some other things down at gib the other week, cod liver oil and glucosemine(?) two things i tried for my fibromyalgia that didnt work for that, but may help with with new 'thing'!!

well i did feel better, lots infact, so i thought i would come off the over 50's stuff thinking that may not be doing anything anyway and maybe coincedence but the pains come back, so am back on them and when i have finished the box of the other stuff i will see how i am, may be a combination of all of it, but i feel i am taking far too many things, non doctor prescribed, but still a worry, 4 or 5 in the morning and 3 in the evening! split them up so i didnt feel so bad taking them, i know i should see a doctor, but this one i have here.... seems pointless!

fixed up the freeview box that came with our new tv, so now we have some spanish telly to watch too which is good, our aerial needs moving back to where it was, or moving altogether so we can get a better signal, it was moved so we could get a signal from the sat dish!

Love gives us the strength to perform impossible tasks.



Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Marian & Franco, hope everything is fine there, its 6:35am 07-01-07 and I`m just off to do an airport job but will give Franco a ring soon.
All the Best from rainy Wales
Simon & Claire

Marian said...

S&C...Thank you and Happy New Year to you two too!speak to you soon.