Saturday, January 27, 2007

Moon River

i have just finished watching one of my most favorite movies... Breakfast at Tiffanys... the movie is so ... oh i dont know, i have just cut out a load of my ramberlings here, i guess if you know me you will know why i love this movie, so lets just leave it at that!

just gone to YouTube and found the song too, so here is the link for this most lovely song... Moon River

this morning i went to an open house sale just up the road with a friend, everything in the house was for sale, including the furniture, and all the proceeds are going to Cudeca, who i work for on a monday, all to go to the hospice, which is amazing... i bought a brand new, un used cooker thing, its a 'superchef' for roasting/grilling/baking etc etc, there are a couple of tiers and so several things can be cooked at the same time, faster than normal and healthier, so will give that a try soon!

the house was very unique... on three levels, six bedrooms! but none hardly big enough to swing a mouse! all en suite... two kitchens, one of the ground floor one on the top floor, a heck of a load of stairs as you can imagine, and the strangest thing of all the two landings/passageways on the two upper floors were... kind of open to the elements! they had railings, and they looked down over the open area by the kitchen and ground floor bedroom! so to go from room to room would just be like stepping outside! and in the cold we are having now, that would be freezing! well it feels freezing at 11 degrees! there is snow on the mountains, the sierra de las nieves (mountains of snow) good name eh! i took a photo of the snow this morning, and another of my friends dog and another that came by the say 'hi' as we walked up to the house this morning, tomorrow i will get these on here.

then after taking my spoils home i went in to town, the cadbury's creme eggs are in the shops now, so brought one home to devour immedately, its my friends shop and she has a whole load of new sweets and cookies in, i got a neighbor some more of her favorite bons bons too! i will leave them on her door and she will think the sweet fairy has called again!

yesterday was fun! we decided to move the bed, enough of having the cold doors behind us and no bed head, so that meant emptying it! and i just couldnt get the water to come out of the hosepipe to start the flow off! it really wasnt funny, the amount of waterbed conditioner i swallowed till i did get it going yesterday, its amazing i wasnt blowing bubbles today!

and then after emptying about half out and moving the bed, of the thousand taps we have i couldnt find one that would fit with the hose head things we have! so i left it, nearly all day before trying again and remembering that the downstairs, outside tap unscrews and whats left does fit one of the hoses.... great yeah.... but then i had to do two things at the same time, turn on the water and put it in the mattress! yes impossible, so i tied the hose as best i could in the bath, with another hose, and the plug and pegs! ran down, turned on the water, ran back up! and there it was flying about all over the place like a crazy snake! i had to capture it and then restrain it again so i could go into the bedroom open up the filler cap.... which i did, and only a couple of times while filling did it escape again soaking anything and everything in sight.... what a mess, then, when it was full enough i had to twist it up and run into the bathroom, tie it up again run downstairs and turn off the water!

now that would have been a YouTube favorite me thinks.....

The gift belongs to whoever chooses to accept it,
it is enough to believe
and not to be afraid to make a few mistakes.



forget me not said...

*sigh...I just love Audrey Hepburn!

Marian said...

oh me too... and i wore my hair up sort of the same, well as the same as is possible with my hair! :-)