Friday, January 19, 2007


another view of ronda i took the other day!

but to today... i have just emailed yet another CV off to another company for public viewing! i wouldnt mind not getting some of these jobs if only the person i had emailed or phoned would at least acknowledge the email/phone message!

i think a big factor now must be i sound so old! i mean being born 'in the fifties' what does that sound like! well it was 1959 so only just eh!! 30 or even 20 years ago some women were old by this age, but not now, now we're still only in our prime.... hey you lot laughing or what! its not funny.... ok!?!

this morning i phoned a company who advertised in the sur as UK Government, to mention i had left a message a week ago and that i was told a man would phone me back, and hadnt! he said without asking my name by the way, that the posts had been filled and any people not called back would be in due course if more staff were needed! well i may not take any notice of his call next time!!

mercadona man came today, all back to normal now, just want the gaz man to call, i'm sure either the oven or hot water cans will be empty soon, or both at the same time more like...

was too hot down town today, wearing this long sleeved roll necked sweater dress! well over 20 again today and on the news last week its been said that due to the 'el niño effect' we will once again have the hottest summer ever on record! this isnt just spain by the way... the uk and i suppose the rest of europe... should be good fun, last summer was hot, but our first up here in land, with no sea breeze the summer of '05 was too hot, 50C on our roof july and august, so take a deep breath and get the ice on standby... in the paper today it mentions its been the warmest january for a long while and water reserves are low, already!

God always offers us a second change in life...


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forget me not said...

You might not believe it but when I wrote my post about my walk last night, I smiled when I described the gnarly old olive trees, because I thought of Mercadona Man!
It's really warm here too. I find it disturbing becuase it tells me we're going to have a hot summer, and I HATE hot summers!!! 2003 was the worst so far, besides June of 82 when I got married.
And speaking of age (we are the same age..) my 25th wedding anniversary is coming up!! But I agree, I'm in my prime...?