Monday, January 29, 2007


this photo above doesnt really show the snow on the mountain very clearly... its the white bit to the left of that black pole thing! and what those large white circles are i'm not sure, its not the moon and they werent there when i took the photo, they look like planets, very strange, maybe some alien thing going on! LOL

and here we have a friends dog and one just out taking the air on his own, and not too embarressed to do so in that bright yellow number, from fashion week at milano straight off the cat walk.... or would that be dog walk!

this was saturday... saturday night the problem wasnt the snow, it was the wind... howling everywhere and all night, you could hear the outdoor window blinds bashing and sqeaking, doors out on the street banging, rubbish flying, and a million un explained noises! when pippa and i were out sunday morning one of the houses we past by the window had blown open and into the house, but the worse was another whose double wooden doors had opened in the wind and just stood there open.... the owners i guess asleep unstairs unaware their home was open to all and sundry!

there was washing all over the streets, bits of blinds, and a lot of white plaster! an apartment block going up was losing a piece of metal, it was just hanging over the street waiting...

we went up to la trocha market as usual, not an awful lot of stall holders but lots of wind blown people just the same!

and so what next... the rain! last night it started and has just stopped a little now, there was rain down on the coast saturday but missed us then, but i have been working in cudeca a year now, i know its mondays only, but this is the first one its rained on! maybe a shower during a monday, but never much more than that, and never raining on my way in or home, so thats not bad is it! a year of mondays in alhaurín and never a rainy one! amazing!

you know there are two spanish words i always get mixed up with, married-casado, and tired-cansado, see how similar they are, but someone pointed out how with casado to be married includes casa-house, they said its the past tense and also means to be housed, but i checked and its another word altogether and casar, which i thought was a verb! means to be marrying, but whatever or wherever it comes from now i will not forget the difference, and i wont say i feel very married instead of tired, or if asked if i am married say i am tired!! and they say learning spanish es muy facil! ha!

today we were one short at work, but, a lady brought an extra with her, just for today, then we were six again, but at 1030 one left as her husband not well, at 1130, another left she wasnt well, then at 1220 two left together, one had a bad back who had brought the other, so there was just the two of us! i had to close early to bank, and inspite of the rain we had a very very good day for cudeca!

tomorrow is us ladies who lunch! thats been two months since our last one...

An enemy always represents a weakness.
This might be fear of physical pain,
but it could also be a premature sense of victory
or the desire to abandon the fight
because it is no longer worthwhile.



forget me not said...

I love the dog pic, Marian. My dog would pulverize me if I tried to put anything like that on him!

Marian said...

FMN... would you believe franco did buy one for pippa! but it was too small and when she tried walking she lifted her front legs high like a dancer where it must have been catching her under her arms... legs i mean LOL! its still here to go back to the shop... or not! poor pippa!

forget me not said...

Oh, my...I hope it was a more digified color than yellow!