Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Humming Bird Hawk Moth

now i meant to mention this beautiful little thing above, the hummingbird hawk moth, when i was up staying with tanya and andy i saw lots of them near one of their plants, we had one in the shop a month or so beforehand, and i mentioned it to friends when i was over in the uk in december, they said this was its name, and so lo and behold on the WWW i found lots of photos! its an amazing little thing and only about an inch long! from here to here!

oh blooming heck! lost loads of stuff just now by putting something in i shouldnt! some of those arrow thingys! it got all confused with the html system! couldnt work out why it wouldnt publish well now i know dont i, i have to repeat what i have just written and it never comes out the same second time around does it!

what did i say? i dont know now.... some about mom being back in england now... took her and a friend to the aiport, friend was on earlier flight so just left a little earlier for her which was no problem, she is back on saturday, and into work with us again on monday! we were two short and me untill 1130 too of course! but we also have two new 'girls' now, so we were still four this week.

on tuesday i started helping another friend out in ther shop, just for a few days, doing a bit of running around for her, bit of a gofer.... you know, go fer this and go fer that!! sorry.....

last week mom and i went down to benalmadina marina for a stroll, and strolled along to one of the estanco's i worked in back last year, and they remembered me! we had some lunch nearby and then strolled back to the marina!

and i cant remember what else i wrote so thats it for now!

At every moment of our lives,
we have one foot in a fairy tale
and the other in the abyss...

how true, me just now losing all my stuff!



forget me not said...

ROFL Marian!
We have those moths around here too. I never thought they were beautiful, but your photo shows a very photogenic one! I'll have to pay more attention the next time I see one.

Marian said...

i know, the first time i saw one the day it came into our store, we were closing up and i just shut the door and closed it in... now i wish i had caught and released it out side... so tiny but so beautiful...

curious servant said...

This is a first for me... a blog in Spain. I followed you here from "Forget Me not".

I would like to go to Europe some day. It seems so full of culture. In the U.S. we are so full of ourselves, so busy, and sel;f-important, and everything is so young... I would like to take some strolls along such avenues.

Marian said...

CS... thank you for visiting me, by way of FMN.

i was born in the states and go back as often as i can, and on one trip i visited mount vernon and was in a house that showed some of george washingtons belongings, at that time i was living in england... and it was very hard to comment on the fact in my own house i had furniture older than was in that museum!

and here our little house, was built in 1680! seems unbelievable at times... sometimes i try to imagine the peoples who have passed through as long as its not during all hallowes!