Tuesday, January 23, 2007

was going to post a couple of photos i took of what was left of the jamon we brought home in the trolley the other week if you remember, but it looked so awful... i just couldnt do it! its just the foot really sticking out of the pot so i will leave that to your imaginations!

so above and below are a couple of very nice shots taken the other week when mom and i went down to benalmadina marina instead, much more pleasant!

started another week.. cudeca yesterday and helping my friend out again this week in her store, just for now, but its good having something each day to aim at, havent heard from the job i applied to on friday, i know its only tuesday and i suppose they probably had thousands of applicants, but... hey please just an email to say something pleeeeeese!

got a new spanish dictionary today, a picture one, which is really good, just need to memorise the pictures and each word with it!

i have something for a neighbor of ours... i have carried it to and from town every day for over a week now, a couple of times i have thought their car outside their house and walked up a very steep hill to find its not theirs!!! the common cold is easier to catch than they are... i wonder if i should leave it on the front door one morning like i did with some lemon bon bons last month! hopefully they are reading this just now... so to them i would also like to say, the corn muffins i made were absolutly wonderful thank you... and see you soon!

Don´t try to be brave
when it is enough to be intelligent.


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