Thursday, February 15, 2007

bit early to blog my eyes havent come into focus yet, so sorry for even more typos today! but if i dont get this off my chest before i go out i may explode and make a rather awful mess!

the job ..... yes its about a job! but the job i mentioned briefly the other day, i had originally applied for it last november, and like many others, didnt even get an aknowledgement, so forgot all about it, then the other week got a call telling me only now were they going ahead with the interviews, had interview, was ok, new large supermarket taking on about 30 new staff, out of goodness knows how many applicants i suppose. was told i would hear within 24 hours... 48 hours later i got a call saying i would hear next wednesday, a week later, (that was yesterday by the way!) and obsurdly enough the day before the shop opens! yes great planning, no training and all those new staff not knowing a thing!
on saturday i was at my friends shop and a lady came in talking about her 16 year old daughter and her boyfriend who had got jobs down at the new english food supermarket down at miramar... well that was a shocker, for one, i had to wait till thursday to be told.. i now presumed that i hadnt got the job, and two, she was telling my friend who i help out three mornings a week! the very same friend who i had told about the job and that i might be leaving, because after all, it was a full contract, proper job that would give us health cover, the sort i need.

she, my friend, had told me she had had to ask around for someone to cover me, if i left, she needs someone to help so outside things can get done, as she cant leave the shop to do them now she in running it by her self, which is of course fair enough.

so all week wait wait wait, and yesterday i called her about 5pm to say i hadnt heard, i mean after all how could they call and then me start today! the following day? giving her no notice at all really, just a maybe not sure type of thing!

she told me one of the girls who was more than willing to help her out is going to do mondays now anyway, i am at cudeca then...

so today, this morning i am going to do the only fair thing i can and that is, go in, do this morning, but tell her to give my helping hand hours to the other girl. these people can muck me and other people about, but i cant leave my friends hanging like this, not knowing if i am staying or going, and of course, if another job comes along i will have to take it, so its only right.

well thank you friends for letting me share with you, your broad shoulders have helped as always... have a good day yourselves and i will catch up later, still have lots to tell about last fridays trip to malaga and the office that is traffico!

Be like the fountain that overflows, not the cistern that merely contains!


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