Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Dia de Andalucía

today is andalucía day, a day to celebrate andalucia of course! a huge area covering 17.2% of spain, thats 87,268 km sq.

not sure whats going on around town today, franco is up on the terraza building a wall to keep the plants in and pippa out! last week he built the surrounding walls up with some decorative bricks, looks good, but needs some climbing plants to give a bit of color there.

although its been getting warmer now the last couple of weeks outside, its now warmer indoors to at last! its only early and the sun isnt on our house at all yet, but all the windows are open and i'm just nice in a tshirt and jeans thank you very much!

yesterday nearly everyone noticed how it just felt that little bit different, like summer is here, subtle, some strange change in the humidity or something, not sure, but we were all talking about it, it was 25 in the shade on the roof, and i visited with dawn and her friend who are out here for holidays staying at marias down on the coast, there was me in my black trousers and tops, and them in nik beanies! (thats bikini to most people!) i had come straight from work and looked like it!

got an email this morning a part of which i think most of you will enjoy reading hope this works! oh cant find a bit to do what i want to do, looks like i will have to type out the whole thing!

nope cant copy and paste, will try and work it out later...

meanwhile, i must up load some photos i took at work the other week, and i have booked a trip to england for may, cant wait to see sarah and darrens little baby callum... which i could just hyper beam myself up and over there to see them! i suppose i would be doing that to see everyone, just once a month would be good, and then of course all my far far away family over in the states! my brother, my step mom, all my cousins... oh my goodness!

We love many things,
simply out of fear of losing them....


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