Friday, February 23, 2007

where is the time going? cant believe its friday again already! weather has been unsettled this week, some sun, and when its out its baking, then it clouds over and a few drops of rain, then back to sunshine! this has been the norm all week.

cudeca on monday was a quiet day too, we all missed denise and kept expecting her to be there somewhere in the shop... hope she arrived back in ireland by now! and is settling in, must seem very strange, i cant imagine going back to england now, i really cant.

at work i was round the back of the shop and another of us was sort of down on the floor looking through something and we were talking, there was a tall steamer thing nearby, its mainly on the floor with a tall metal bit with a hook for the clothes and when not in use the steamer head rests in the hook... still with me on this? anyway, we were talking and when she got up she continued to talk to me, but was looking at the steamer, just for the second it took for her to realise the thing standing behind her was just that, the steamer, and that i was a bit further away!

i guess you had to of been there, but it was so funny we were in stitches! and who says inanimate objects dont talk back!

my three days in the other shop were all quite busy, i know i know, its only two hours! but lots more local people are coming in which is really good, helps learning spanish and of course good for sales, we have lots of spanish magazines now and so when they come in for fax or phone credit etc etc and see them hopefully they will come back for more.

today i popped in to get the friday free paper to hunt down a job, nothing in it all this week, well not for me, all telesales (holidays or realestate!) or realestate work, a few others i could have done if i had perfect written and spoken español!

walked along the street saw another friend and joined her for coffee and my mate arrived about half hour later, we were there over an hour and then after a turn about town i came home!

have a whole load of things that i really need to do, paperwork and such, writing and contacting people but i put stuff off like that for ages, last night i put it all on the dining table to begin today, but after just one set back have decided to leave till monday!

not really in the mood have a bit of a headache, my own fault, for some unknown reason i decided not to take my anti inflamitorory tablets??? wednesday and thursday? doh! so yesterday i found that i really should have and was in terrible pain with just about every bone in my body! so took far too many pain killers yesterday and went back to my tablets today, so not sure what that was all about!

The fear of suffering is worse than suffering itself.
And no heart ever suffered
when it went in search of its dreams...


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