Thursday, February 08, 2007

more rain...

today started out nice enough and now its pouring down cats and dogs! what a great shot i 'borrowed' from here in cyber space!

glad i got back from town before that lot came a tumbling down, my brolly just isnt that strong! no wonder the satelite signal is coming and going on the tv! our street is turning into a stream, or en español un arroyo! like the town down near the coast arroyo de miel... stream of honey... isnt that lovely!

but... nothing as bad as all that snow in the UK eh, and the states... how cold! my friends who live around the corner are off to kentucky today... not sure if theyre via england with all those closed airports, or madrid, but they are via chicago which is having it bad before their final destination... bien viaje folks!

now before i forget here is a little link to make sure your BMI is good (body mass index!)

getting back to the snow it looks so nice... from here..... no really, would be nice to just be there and run around in it and build a snowman and throw some snow balls with my boys... not sure how they would appreciate that, then come back home, to this rain! well for today, going to be on its way up temperature wise over the next few days, about 19 'they' say, will let you know, its not cold today, but so damp.

did i tell you i had applied for another job? this week? if i ever get a job, i mean one that isnt volunteer or helping a mate! or another one off promotion thats there and then gone, well i'll take us all out for a celebration drink! LOL

better get off this now in case the electric goes and i lose all of this eh!

Attacking or fleeing are part of the struggle,
being paralyzed by fear is not.


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