Saturday, February 17, 2007

Is it feast or famine?

well is it? am not expecting to hear from freezer store now, but after posting yesterday read my emails and had an offer of a promotion down on the coast again, may and june, a full eight weeks, i responded without thinking that yes i was interested.... then forwarded on a beautiful email i got from friends, only silly bit at the bottom about passing it on and that long awaited call thing at 11am, you know that silly thing!

well off i trotted into town and only just off our street and at just before 11 my mobile phone rang and there is a friend from a couple of years ago i used to work for on the golf courses! i had enquired about an ad and she was calling me back to say vacancy filled now, but would keep me in mind if and when it got busier on the courses!

and then i had time to think about the promo job, could i really and truly deal with that again, 2 hours driving a day, out at 830am back home gone 9pm, and over 8 hours just standing, not really moving about much? i dont think i can, sitting maybe and standing and moving about, yes, but just standing, for eight whole weeks, i really dont think i can, and when i got back had email waiting saying great! do you know anyone who will do the other area, pick which one i want and give to a friend the other! well sounds to me they dont have anyone else who wants to do such a long day either if she is suggesting this eh! only its a contract...... but phisically i cant do it, and now i have to email back and tell her.

.... and to town, got to friends shop and she was on her way out and invited me to go with her, so i had a trip out to a couple of warehouses in malaga! buying stationary and bags etc, was good fun! always have been a bit of a stationary freak! and so much of it, good thing i wasnt buying, all those little unwanted bits and pieces!

got back to the shop about 230, and then my other buddy was out with her husband and caught me out of the house this late in the afternoon and we had coffee, was about 430 by the time i got home!

now this is all.... have franco's cold and my head is aching along with all the symptoms, although the week i have had regarding the job and the job and the job, but not a job! no wonder my brain hurts!

The first indication that we are killing our dreams is lack of time.


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