Friday, February 16, 2007

you know i realised after i left yesterday morning that when i came on here to write my post i had every intention of disrepecting the company who was so rude not to let me know about the job, but just getting it out of my system did the trick... well mostly!

and i dont tell everyone about going for jobs, it gets a bit boring, most people i know who are job hunting just dont mention it anymore seeing as the 'proper' jobs are so few and far between with 100's of people going for each one.

its something you dont think about moving here, the jobs in the papers week after week are at least 99% realestate or telesales (for realestate or timeshare, ooops sorry holiday share now i mean!!!)

yesterday after work us girls from monday (cudeca), well most of us, met up to say good bye and good luck to denise who is off back to ireland with her husband and son... we are going to miss her so much... and her husband came and wisked her off far too soon and we were left bereft...

and i told my friend as i said i would on here yesterday, about leaving and not wanting to muck her about as i have been and she said no that i am to stay, and apply for jobs and go for interviews and only leave when i have another job to go to... a good friend indeed i think!

We are all capable of achieving whatever we want and need.



forget me not said...

It's the uncertainty of it all that gets you down! I've been waiting for months for my company to figure out what they are going to do: close? stay open but cut down on personnel? they say I am absolutely necessary there because of my knowledge of English and Italian, but they are paying me peanuts! It's so depressing. But I have to wait it all out, because it's up to them to decide. Until then I go nowhere, hoping the tides will turn.

Marian said...

FMN... i dont think these people know what it is like to be left waiting do they? the things i have thought to say if the shop job does call are so numerous now, and probably would not be right to say anyway! its just so rude! i need to clear my head, i think a trip down to my sister in laws place tomorrow, stand on the sand and gaze out to sea... maybe just let it all go, let the huge expance of water make my thoughts seem smaller!

forget me not said...

Great idea!