Wednesday, February 07, 2007


where have i been!? i havent blogged since last monday!

last week seems so far away now! nothing much i guess could have happened, last week helped my friend out in her shop for three days, the time flys when i'm there, rushing from place to place for her, and its only two hours and then.... i'm outta there!

saturday franco went to wales and came home again on sunday! so that was good, hate it when he's not here, i do understand he has to go to work, but other than that we just like to be home together..... you can tell its valentines soon eh... hope you all have your cards ready? some poor bloke in the shop today we wouldnt let out till he had bought his wife her card!

back to weekend though, trip on saturday to malaga airport was awful, pippa came too, the weather was terrible really hard rain, which let off as we approached churriana, 2 mintues from the airport, we dropped off franco at departures and went straight off home, the rain was even worse on the way back, and pitch dark, no white lines or cats eyes here like back in england! couldnt wait to get home, pippa was leaning up to me as far as she could with her seat belt on in the back.

sunday no rain, although it was dark again, but much better and as i was going into the terminal i didnt take pippa although lots of people do, not sure how she would have liked it in there!

monday cudeca, was a good day considering how quiet it is, one of our gals is leaving, next monday is her last day! she is off back to ireland, they have a little boy and another babe on the way and after recently visiting 'home' she feels thats where her heart is now, so theyre off! just like that, in just over a week i think! cant believe it! so then there will be five!

i know i have other things to say, i should make notes or something, my memory is getting so bad! not only is my spelling getting worse (impossible i hear you shout!) but i am even saying things wrong! how weird is that!


A blessing rejected becomes a curse...



Anonymous said...

Glad you're alright, Marian. Yes, St. Valentine's Day approaches - you've reminded me I need to send those chocolates to my daughter and her husband -- their anniversary! Your spelling is always fine.. I always feel right at home here. :-)

Marian said...

Carol... thank you! lots of guys in the shop today buying valentines cards which is good to see, when i used to work in a clintons card shop in england it was usually last minute stay open late on the day mad rush, and about 90% men!

Anonymous said...

Boo!! hello mate just wanted to say hi, thinking about you, I do check in and have a read quickly when I am at work and forget to tye a message!! House coming along slowly, hope you and Franco are both well, looking forward to seeing you May time. lots of love Lisa and Richard