Saturday, January 19, 2008

Barranco Blanca

these are some of the photos i took the other weekend when we went for a walk down and around the barranco blanco area...

here and there the road was tarmac, but then it was just rough in places, but good idea, keeps the unwanted out!?!

the beautiful lake down there, i think next time we will drive all the way down... and then get a better look up close and not have the walk up hill back!

here in alhaurín this week there has been lots of talk of all the robberies in the area of late, in the campo houses and here in town with the guy who broke in and out of mercadona with the two jamons!!!

a lady told me also of shopping in the coín branch of lidl this week having her hand bag stolen there and then in the supermarket!

seems some of the thieves have moved inland now, with all the extra police down there... theyre after action here instead.... well move on and move out!

its been so lovely and warm the last couple of afternoons, its says 19º in the paper but feels lots warmer than that in the sun.... beautiful, although sitting here now inside with all the windows open feels a bit chilly... as usual get more on... in!

Faith parries all blows.
Faith transforms poison into pure water.
Manual of the Warrior of Light


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pia said...

Did the mercadona man go and chase him???