Monday, January 07, 2008

Dia de los Tres Reyes...

today, monday lots of the shops are closed in lieu of yesterdays holiday... three kings day.

the kings were out in the streets on saturday evening sending sweets a flying into the waiting arms... bags upturned umbrellas and boxes that welcomed them!

this morning we went out for a short drive and then a long walk with pippa, she must be really missing all the land she had to run around in up in Fuente Vera... we parked up just past the water tower and walked down into the valley... and then had to walk back up!

there were men there from the malaga forestry cutting trimming and burning the clippings, it looked like they were clearing a strip in case of summer fires... the whole valley was in a mist of smoke and smelled like the wood burning in the fire place, the smell of the cut grass was wonderful, we got hot walking, you think january, you feel cold in the house, then out you come into the sun shine the blue sky above, and you roast in too many warm layers!

should have taken our sticks, maybe leaving them in the car would help instead of in the house!

i meant to say, but too much of other stuff.... a couple of days before we left for our holidays there was a unusual rock placed in a door way of a house down our street where i knew the owners were away, there is no way said rock could have got there by itself, and reminded me of what goes, or at least used to go on up the coast a ways, people leaving a rock on a wall of a house known to be empty to tell others it was a break in oportunity, i really hope this was not the case here.... yes of course i moved the rock away!

as usual my new years resolutions are no resolutions!

Sorrows do not last for ever
when we are journeying towards the thing
we have always wanted.
The Fifth Mountain


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