Tuesday, January 29, 2008

i have a cold now... hrrrrph! this photo tony took of me says it all i think!

me in la mancha restaurante last thursday evening, i had had two glasses of red wine, and i even look blurred from the outside point of view!

i have started with my spanish lessons again... although i think i read somewhere you shouldnt tell people you are learning a language because of theyre expections of you speaking it all the sooner!

but seeing as i live here it surely must go without saying learning español really is the thing to do!

i have these tapes, have had them for some years i am ashamed to say, i have listened to them alot over the years, and not usually reached the 10th tape, i spent a long time going to bed with a head set firmly attached to my head so i could go to sleep listening to them... this is supposed to work too?!? so we will see, just listening to them gives me a bit more confidence and was speaking spanish all over the place today!!!

ok foggy head so thats it for me today...

(not sure how much i like paulo's quote for today, but its next in my book so here it is!)

Few take up the burden of their own victory;
most give up their dreams
when they become impossible.
The Pilgrimage


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