Monday, January 14, 2008

Benamaurel... this town in on the way to Fuente Vera, on the main road from Baza, we actually didnt go into it until the last day before leaving!

the town in based on the side of hillside mainly on the right hand side of the road is the old town, with some newer houses in an urbanisation on the left, this was ok... we did a little drive round the day we went into the town as we missed the road we wanted....!

there are some very very old arabic houses, i have just read a little of what the mayor of the town says in the link above about being enchanted by the place... this is where i spent almost an hour in their spar shop and franco thought i had been swallowed up!

but here above a cave plus a bit on its way to becomming one, but for tractor use just now!


today heard news of two people who have passed over in the last few days... one expected one most definately not... a young bloke of only 40, so say a prayer for him tonight please...

today... also, lots of rain again on way into town, was like a river running down by our street, a small boat would have been better or just up turned my umbreller and jumped in that!

another chance of finding friends dog also, wasted paco, but at least people are still looking out for him, did you know in spain it is illegal for under 18 year old to walk a dog?

Our selfishness
will condemn us to the worst suffering
that we have invented for ourselves
- loneliness.


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