Wednesday, January 16, 2008

few photo's of the cave house before we end the album, although as you can guess i took over 200 photos, thats the thing with the digital camera, you keep on snapping away....

so above view of the lounge, two bedrooms to the right and a bathroom on the left, also a front door with a window giving as you can see, plenty of light in here.

this is one of the bedrooms, pippa at home, as you can see!

view in dining room, what a fire place eh!

there are three areas inside there, i guess in the past for heating food... the one you can see in the middle and one either side up underneath the mantel...



Pia said...

WOW! nice place!

Marian said...

Pia... oh it was wonderful, we wished we could pick it up and bring it home with us!