Wednesday, January 23, 2008

well they have ripped out another house now, next door to the one that came out last week! all those years there, lived in with all that life and now .. phffffff.... gone!

and opposite those houses, the shoe shop closed at the weekend and up for rent, today the clothes shop next door is having a sale to clear... for closure! dont believe it, whats happening round here.

and tomorrow i am off to england.... for my moms birthday, its a surprise, not her birthday obviously, but that i am coming to see her of course! its her 80th, i cant believe it, seems impossible... i guess more for her really eh!

no luggage as its just an overnight stopover, and i have my boarding tickets printed and can go straight up to the departures at malaga tomorrow, i cant stand all that standing for ages to get the boarding cards and get rid of my suitcase... which i could travel like this all the time.

ok amigos,

Loneliness is the worst of all tortures,
the worst of all sufferings.
Eleven Minutes



Anonymous said...

Have a great trip and celebration.. thanks for all the wondrous photos!


Marian said...

Carol... thank you! and thank you... always have my camera with me... well nearly!