Tuesday, January 15, 2008

stunning view from where we were staying at Fuente Vera, look at that....

and this one above, see the house down there on that track? but there are lots of others in this photo... hard to see...

and here is pippa with harry and chico!


saturday afternoon walking home from town a house in c/cruz had a area around to stop you walking on the path, a couple of bits of wood had been placed that looked like supports.... monday coming back past.... it was gone! just like a tooth... pulled out from between the houses either side and looking bleak! you could see the black stains from where the fires had burned, the chimney buttresses and that was it.... gone... nothing left at all!

today sunshine again, washing drying on line... but as usual at this time of the year colder in than out, sitting outside a bar in town today with friends you could have got a sun tan it was warm.... really!

went into the new german bakers also, and i can vouch for their apple strudels so far, very yummy, and strangely made up for going to sleep thinking of those peach turnovers i used to eat many moons ago back in england, bit odd that i dont usually dream of food! although i had been thinking of records for tim to play on ace.fm and sugar something or other was a title i had been thinking of.... so maybe....!

A faithless fan
can make a team lose a game they have won.
The Prilgrimage


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