Thursday, July 17, 2008


well here was our first sight of Bobastro above, surrounded by the wire fencing and the sign explaining it!

this above church is over 1100 years old... read attached link....

and above, i think i found a fossil don't you? i wonder what it is....

this place did not have what i would call a good feel about it, very creepy...

i am here again by the by because my boss who came a visiting from Valencia again to us promoters let me come home early, at six, because its my birthday.... bless her, now after yesterday leaving early i really do feel i am skipping school... well ok work!

as i read my book and drank my coffee before going into the Estanco i had lots of text messages and then later, in work, lots of calls which was really nice, and i kept going from feeling really happy to then feeling really sad as nearly everyone is so far away.... had lots of wishes of felizidades, happiness, from everyone at work, and i took in chocolate cake and special biscuits to celebrate!

Every human being has inside them
something more important than him or herself
- his or her gift



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Hope you have a lovely weekend.I am coming to Calahonda for 1 week with a friend on the 20th of September it is the first time without my husband but I think I need to make this journey.You never know i may see you in that week if you are not working to hard!

Marian said...

Chrissie... thank you for my birthday wishes, and i am so glad your coming to visit Calahonda again, i would really like to meet up for a coffee... in that new super sol maybe eh, i look forward to meeting you.