Saturday, July 26, 2008

well the heat is really settling in now, reports in Seville during the week that temperatures not lower than 39º at night! and now, 7pm it is 44º in the shade on our roof terrace!!

i forget to tell you something funny the other week... a couple came in remarking on the price of tobacco quote "here on this island"... has something happened i don't know about? have we separated from the rest of the continent?

one morning driving along the beach road the police in front of the car in front of me, the driver started waving him past although we were already doing over the 30k, then he started waggling his hand for me to over take him! i indicated and started to move out, but saw on coming traffic and pulled back in, then he suddenly put up his hand to stop me!? i can just imagine police in the UK actually making people go over the speed limit, never mind them not obeying the limit them selves in this situation. but then the traffic police here see people doing things on the road all the time they shouldn't and take no notice at all...

well school is out for sure now, but things are still quiet down on the coast for all the stores, even the sales starting at 70% off isn't drawing the crowds it should, we went to Ikea today getting a couple of things for Maria, the restaurant was packed but the rest of the store was fairly quiet, lots of room for manoeuvre for our little cart... then in the Estanco i cant believe how much tobacco some people buy, some buy the norm of 16 cartons and 3kilo of rolling tobacco, others for instance Tuesday a couple of girls left with 80, yes eighty packets of golden Virginia rolling tobacco! that's not 80 single packs, but 80 x 10 - 50gram packets! coming in with two giant suitcases and wheeling them off after, and then Thursday another couple of gals did the same with 78 packets of the same! although the most i have seen spent since i have been doing this promo this time is nearly 3000€ in one purchase.... yes more than our car cost!

this morning i went first into town and had coffee with Val who used to run Papeleria Cristina's, not seen her for months and was great to catch up on all the news we both had, maybe see her again this side of Christmas if we lucky, bit like the rest of my mates... this job does not lead to much of a life out side it, social or otherwise!

i wish my little Nintendo DS Lite were in black now, not silly girly pink which i wanted, well still like actually, but i could be using it during work and doing my Spanish word coach with it during moments of quiet, it would look more work related... but in pink? probable not!

Good and Evil have the same face;
it all depends on when they cross the path
of each individual human being.
The Devil and Miss Prym


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