Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Saturday... no Sunday i mean, so tired cant get my days straight! and i am only on here now because the signal has gone after a split second power cut!

but first, Friday before Sunday! after i left the Estanco i walked along to the car... i crossed over the road and saw a hefty scratch and lots of paint missing!!! couldn't believe it! then as i straighted up from rubbing the surface with my hand i noticed two things at the same time as a man asked if i was leaving the space free.... first thing, not our car, second thing, not even the same model/make, anything! LOL... so i replied i wasn't leaving the space free just yet!

so Sunday.... friends and us went down to maria's apartment, we left our things there and went for a long walk along to Cabopino, had a cool drink in a bar and walked back! saw a friend on the beach, our office administrator from the apartment down at El Zoco, Maria!

we paused for moment then walked the other way to the Thau bar just round the corner, and sat inside, bit cooler and had a lovely lunch, Geoff and i shared a paella, sue and Franco had two chicken dishes, lots to eat and and several cool drinks... non alcoholic! and it was only just 50€ so not bad!

do you remember the walkway at calypso coming down when i was away more than three years ago? a big dumpster drove under it without lowering its skip, well a similar thing happened again yesterday.... see link here to sur in english.... to the exact same bridge!

although i have been a promoter before, i have been negligent in my responses to others that do the same job, usually just a thank you, but no thank you, not the greatest of answers i know, i could do better! but so many people just blank you when you speak to them... yesterday a 'husband' said to his wife the girl said do we need any help, and she said 'no'! maybe i am just talking Spanish now without realising it?! ok, no maybe not that, but please where have all our manners gone, the please's and thank you's, the smiles etc? still at the airport eh!

they are having a great thing down in Torremolinos this year, the six time i think, its de Cine en la playa! from 8 July to the 28 August, films on the beach on a huge screen! most of the movies start about 22.30 as they have to finish by midnight, you know, the NO noise after 12 policy here.... tonight is 'the six signs of the light'....

ok tv back, rest now.... good to pop in and say hello amigos....

By changing the way you do routine things
you allow a new person to grow inside you.
The Pilgrimage


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