Wednesday, July 16, 2008

photo above taken near bar la mesa, the large reservoir is behind me, and this photo does not show really what i wanted it too, it looked like we were above the clouds and could see the sea, but i don't think it was, just blue blue oceans of sky...

now i know... steady now, here i am mid week, whats going on!!! well its sort of my saints day today, Carmela, my middle name is Carmen in Spanish... which answers a lot of questions! and also why i am not at work, although by now i would be driving home, its 21.16 at the moment, but i left work at 2pm when the Estanco closed for the day as its a big saints day down in Torremolinos...

here we were at the bar la mesa... looks like something from an old western movie eh!!

the bar-b-que area, and on either sides there were little chicken coops?!? bit worrying eh, right next to the cooker there! and hot too!

and Pippa, of course, looking anxiously for Franco to come back out of the bar with the cafe con leche!

news so far this week.... another customer complaining of being mugged, him and his wife both in their late 60's i think arrived off the coach Sunday evening and awaiting their luggage a woman looking to be waiting for her bags stole his wallet, opened two buttons on his shorts and removed the wallet! he caught her as she turned to go and got her to the ground! good 'ol boy eh! although he said he felt awful knocking a woman to the floor and it really shook him and his wife up, he came in early in the day, then brought his wife in later to meet me! hope they are being safe now, expect them back in later this week for their smokes! not for them but for family and neighbors!

top gear on Sunday evening, an English TV program about cars.... Jeremy test drove a car the week before and during the course of the test drive he went over a solid white line in the middle of the road and a viewer called the show to complain and notified the police!

on another TV program Little Britain there is this awful 'women' (well bloke really), who walks about making an awful noise and then a mess, cant, well wont go into further details.... well in this Estanco, a woman comes in every day similar big baggy dress and makes this "huh huh haaaah" noise.... just don't want the follow through business!

and another lady asked me if i would teach English to her daughter yesterday?!? well tonight typing if i just left it and didn't correct as i go would read like some as yet translated or even unknown language!

this afternoon was lovely.... got home had a coffee, and a nap... well i am in the habit now! who am i to break it! then Franco and i headed down town for a little walk and bought some nice biscuits to go with cake i am taking into work tomorrow....

Those who never take risks can
only see other peoples failures.
Eleven Minutes


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