Saturday, July 19, 2008

We're a 100 years old!!!

above the lake at the top of the mountain near Bobastro and the bar mesa... this is at a huge distance above the dam at El Chorro, and from the bar you look down at the restaurant Garganta and the railway station where we often stop for a coffee and watch the trains and the nesting birds inside the bar area! i was poised with my camera down at what looks like something from a model village its such a long way down, and the mountain side we climbed when tony and Steph were visiting and we went to bridge (Von Ryan), is way way down from this mountain top! but didn't take a photo? not sure why... el otro día i guess.

in case your wondering at the strange header up there? well now i have had my birthday when Franco and i put our ages together we are now a 100! WOW!

today we went to Ikea, meatballs frys and sauce of course.... and a little look round, then we picked up some groceries at Mercadona... and home which was nearly 3.30pm! another day gone...

another week gone, a third of the way through my contract now already, another week of getting to know a few of the visitors on their way through their holiday here... the part that includes purchasing large quantities of cigarettes and tobacco! but some always come in just to say good bye to me which is nice, strangers who become friends eh...

Sometimes it is impossible to stop the river of life.
The Alchemist


oooops! forgot this photo was here.... doh! this was near to the old church at Bobastro and is a wall... was going to say 'just' a wall, but i think anything that has been around as long as this has cant be a 'just' anything!

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Tim said...

Happy Birthday Marion

Sorry its late been one of those weeks hope you had a fantastic birthday and we will def have a coffee within the next couple of years lol

Hope you got spoilt rotten

take care tim xxx HAPPY BIRTHDAY XXX