Sunday, July 13, 2008

this morning we didn't make the market... again! was so nice getting up a bit later, well 8am, cant sleep in or i will get that neck ache as usual, but then we three were up and outta here, went to say hello to the people at the market in Pizarra, so they didn't think we had gone anywhere else.... above and below pics taken from the town centre, first time for me walking around there, Franco usually pops into the village to get our ices or cakes or Chorros!

this one above is the palace!

here is on our way up to the lakes at El Chorro, Ardales, and some more wind turbines going up, must check later if we can see these also from our terrace, we can see the other two groups above Carratraca.

we took first the turn for El Chorro, then took the next right turn for Bobastro and drove all the way up to the top of the mountain, past the huge reservoir there and upwards to the restaurante Bar Mesa, and it is like a table top up there!

on the way back down we made it at last to the ruins of Bobastro.... photos maybe tomorrow, see how i am doing....

Wagers and pacts are made with angels - or with devils.
The Valkyries


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