Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Franco.....

the photo above i took the week before... from Bajondillo paseo maritimo... this bar on the beach has lots of plants and a pirate climbing up the wall on the other side!?!

here just another beautiful shot taken from our terraza one evening this week....

and here the beach Thursday at 2pm!!! one of the girls in the Estanco said it would be bad all afternoon, but I said no it will be fine... and crossed my fingers... and within half hour it was all blue sky and sun shine! where the mist is thickest there is the street this Estanco is on, on c/playamar, and all morning the white cloudy mist stuff was blowing up the street as if a fire were burning down on the beach, really spooky!

one morning there was a little light rain, could have been Thursday, actually I think it was, lasted a few seconds then it was gone....

also on Thursday a group of guys were in the store, bought some tobacco and left, arranged to come back in later to collect what they had already paid for and get more... when they came back they said one of them had been sort of mugged... it was those 'rose' girls, again, they give out roses with one hand and steal from you with the other, only someone noticed her take his wallet, as he didn't, too much drink! so they caught her, and called the police, she had got a 600€ haul from him! and yesterday, Friday they were in court, but not sure what happened to her, she pleaded guilty and is probably back out with her roses/carnations, again as i write!

i am sorry to say i have taken on board another superstition this week, a woman put her handbag down on the floor and caused a commotion in the store.... apparently it is very bad to do this, it means all your money will leave you!

today i got to go into town! not just drive through it at dawn and dusk! was good to walk in, sit and have coffee and chats to my friends... been over a month since i have seen some of them! on the way home i nearly didn't make it! the narrow street has no proper kerbs so if someone is parked or pausing... and you need to get round by car you can... so the man who was fiddling with someone inside his car got to within a foot of me before he noticed he was on the path!! would have been great me squished between his car and a shop front! not!!!

this afternoon the birthday boy and i went down to see maria and her friends who are here at the moment, all those women in one place... watch out calahonda this evening is all i can say!

.... then we did our usual trip to Día and the 'other' store...nescafe nearly 9€... oh come on please we had just bought the same size for 4.91, and thought that expensive... stop ripping people off!

ok... tired now...

The warrior of light perseveres in this desire,
but knows he must wait for the best moment.
Manual of the Warrior of Light



Anonymous said...


I'm a big fan of Paulo Coelho! You will love this! He's the first best-selling author to be distributing for free his works on his blog:

Have a nice day!


Alhaurin said...

Happy belated Birthday to franco hope you have a great day


tim, audrey and ken

Anonymous said...

Was it a real pirate climbing up the side of the bar? Maybe it was the mercadona man! :-)

Happy Birthday (and year) to Franco.

What does "calahonda" mean?


Marian said...

Tim... thanks all from Franco!

Marian said...

Carol... thank you from Franco, and nope not a real pirate, but looks just like a real bloke, had to looks twice to check!

calahonda is a huge urbanisation along the area mijas-costa, it also means in español deep cove!