Saturday, February 28, 2009

Diá de Andalucia

well look we're nearly done here! these were taken a couple of days ago and tomorrow i up load the latest view! there wont be any changes between now and then as the guys are not working today on Diá de Andalucia...

its very quiet out for a Saturday, lovely....

less for Pippa to bark at, and so for now she is reclining asleep after her busy day so far, breakfast and a little run on the terrace!!

she goes crazy now when i get my camera out suspecting me of opening the front door or going up to the terrace, but this morning it was to take photos of some clothes!?! when i am over in England Mom and i have a couple of special things we're up to now, one of which necessitates a nice outfit! i do have lots of going-out clothes, that sit there in the wardrobe waiting to get out!

but suddenly cant work out what to wear, so i have emailed Tony
for help!

mom keeps phoning me in excitement.... you will see and hear all about everything when i can tell you! probably when i can get to Tony's computer!

keep hearing of more and more people returning 'home', the papers full of loved animals that need a new home, one ad really made me sad, a small pony who needs a home and hopefully a another horse in the field, and then another ad, same number of an older horse too, they're family have already returned to England...


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