Wednesday, February 25, 2009

everything seems to be in slow motion on here today again, had trouble with Google yesterday, and not much better today...

the street is noisy the weather is grey and cooler than the last few days of what felt like the prelude to summer... we had that smell of sage and rosemary in the air, looking out over the purple green mountains, still topped with a little snow... i was reading on the terrace again surrounded by washing drying quickly in the heat... then bang today its gone!

friends and i sat outside Bar Rosa, a solitary group with everyone else inside in the warm, but we had a smoker amongst us so out side it was, good deal in there still for only 3€ a coffee, a juice and a small bacon baguette! not bad eh! we partook of only coffee and hot chocolate today though!

i want to tell anyone who is interested in something some friends of ours are doing, its an online site for crafts for kids... its called Crafty Creatures, i will link to it here, and add to my links site there on the right shortly, the site is still going through a few hiccups but its easy to negotiate. and if you need any crafts for kids get them now... and mention my name!!!

I am so clever that sometimes i don't understand a single word of what i'm saying!
Oscar Wilde


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