Monday, February 09, 2009

the view to the mountains yesterday morning... look we have snow too! you may have to zoom in on this! but there is lots of snow apart from the clouds up there too!

and the horses... Saturday i got the bus down to Fuengirola to meet Franco, i walked from the bus station along to the junction by the ayuntamiento and then all the way up that road to the N340 near the Día supermarket, walked from there to Dunnes.... then on to Miramar centre... phew... been using my stepper thing for last few
days not being able to leave the house... and although not used it for so long i didn't get any aches afterwards... during yes, normal for me walking fast, but i did expect to ache a little after the exercise... well my legs ache now after Saturdays walk... continuing... i had a little walk around some shops then a coffee, then i walked to Miramar Parque and had a look around a couple of shops there... then back to Dunnes and another coffee with some apple pie, that may have been there a little too long! i then went and sat on the wall to Lidl to wait for Franco! 6pm he arrived! my
my poor feet! even my toe nails hurt?

so these horses! they were in the little park area between Dunnes and Miramar centre, and this was the only area they could move around, a concrete edge to a small reservoir! no field or real grass, just those weeds and dry shrubbery on the edge, although they looked happy enough and i couldn't see any ribs on them, but sad none the less.

i was beginning to think the window people were keeping me prisoner in my own home, with the constant hope of them arriving, in fact when i got home this morning there was a message on the phone from them, i called them back and they said was i at home now? and they would be here within the hour! well that was at 11am, and i thought it was a conspiracy to keep me here! but lo and behold they're here!! yeah!! ahora mismo!!!



Anonymous said...

Beautiful. :-)

Pia said...

Looks like where I live, really! We have a mountain 35 kms away and the sea 3 kms away.