Thursday, February 05, 2009

oh wow... how deep? about 10 foot i think, mas o menos! the earth was piled up by our front door and no way out... i called Franco and told him he would have to abseil down the back wall to get home!

all was going well until it started to rain... again... i know i know! not snow like the UK but rain rain rain here, and outside there... mud bath big time!!!

fairly sure now the lady over the road is not in for the duration of these changes... as you can see she definitely had no way to leave her house...

once the rain started to get too heavy they began filling the hole as quickly as they could maybe to stop it becoming a lake! i could see all the earth up to our house and wondered how far up our wall it was... so Pippa in one hand and my trusty camera in the other i opened the door.....

and a man fell into the house! not sure who was more surprised us ... or him seeing us! so we had a little chat about the rain and the road and Franco appeared climbing over the mountain of earth drenched from head to foot!

we had another thunder storm in the night, lots of lightening and noise! lots of rain.... more so far this morning too, so much so the tv signal has gone, oh why oh why do i have this underline thing going

oh now its gone! but my page is real small and i have clicked the thing i tried to get rid of the line and it just keeps shrinking soon i wont be able to see it at all... tried saving and editing... didn't get any bigger! oh well fingers crossed for next time amigos! wonder what size my blog will be when published?

ok fixed it and now nothing makes sense... well i know, do i ever!?!

lost a couple of photos while everything was going wrong so here they are now...

hole nearly filled up, and this is what it still looks like this morning only wetter!

only a couple of scooters trapped in here from last evening i think!
maybe the post man is here too? we haven't had any post for a couple of weeks now?

and here the earth all the way up to our front door!

they gave it a little wipe over before they left, but not much!


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