Wednesday, February 11, 2009

well another group of 'strange' photos for you, but i suppose your just pleased not to be seeing any more road works on here... more tomorrow though i promise ;-)

yesterday i went out! and not just down town or down to the coast! Franco and i went with a friend to a farmers market in Velez Malaga, a town up towards Nerja, on the other side of Malaga...

took about an hour to get there so not a bad run out, it was a bit of
reccy(?) to see what was what with the market, the couple that run it also do the market at ... hang on, got to get my memory into gear... ok at Aquamania on the Cartama/Coín road.

good size lots outside and lots more in a beautiful room that looks like its a wedding venue, lots of people and sunshine too!

although as you can see on these mountains here to the left of the town lots of snow on them, just like ours here!

we had lunch at a branch of the Mariachi restaurants, like the one at Plaza Mayor which has its own web site now, not that great but it has one!

big shopping centre with lots of shops and some restaurants near the shops and then up stairs a whole restaurant plaza!

it was a bit cloudy up this side of Malaga, and we took it home with us later!

today weather is lovely, and tomorrow looks like a little mini heatwave! yeah!

i am no longer a prisoner in my own home, although a misunderstanding means they will be back... to finish the job! we have wonderful news windows up stairs, secure and much warmer already!

and the street outside, pipework done, but now they're breaking up the rest of the street, including the little bit we still had on our side of the road!

last night a neighbor from round the corner came in just as we were sitting down to dinner, plates on laps, you know the thing! and by the time she left after a long and somewhat confusing conversation where it looks like she is buying our old two door window for less than half the price the thought it was worth!?! Franco's dinner was stone cold... and mine had fallen into Pippa's mouth and tummy!

Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness, and just be happy.
Guillaume Apollinaire


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