Thursday, February 19, 2009

no photos of the street today, unable to to download onto Picasa, had trouble with it the other day too and lost all my favorites i had kept on my camera! always delete the new ones, but this time Picasa deleted everything! i had a little video of Pippa barking (surprise surprise) up on the terrace, and other important pics, i know i have them on file, but it was nice to have them 'with me' so to speak, but then that's me, daft! and they have gone and i am still fine!

i had to have help again this morning leaving the house! a hand across a deep ravine.. well ok, a couple of feet across a 5foot drop! and its all filled in again now, not sure how they do what they do here, this is the 3rd time of digging up the street, 3rd lot of pipework, you know i think i would have laid it all on the first dig!?!

but the other half of the street is already cemented in! so looking positive for April and Samana Santa i think.

came across this site just now in a local paper for the San Fermin bull run... on a demo here you run with virtual bulls! haven't checked it out yet but will do!

this morning just popped in to see a friend in the dog shop at Plaza Alta, saw a couple of the way down, the girl was wearing a little strappy top! Brrrrrrrrrr! when they came in the shop later, we tried to get her to buy a coat! but they're here on holidays and to them, this is warm of course!

forgot to say, i think? on Sunday night at 10pm lots of people here turned off their electric just for five minutes, surprising how many people i have heard of that did, word gets around obviously, although too late to those who only read of it in a paper later in the week! and not sure if this small demonstration against the ridiculous electricity bills we're all getting, still waiting on ours, and now fear going to the mail box to see if its there....

Franco is at the car boot market at the garden centre this morning with a mate, on the Cartama / Coín road, hope they're doing well!

When i have been out and about, in the bus, or car over the last few weeks, i have been amazed at how many of those little white fluffy looking nests there are in the pine trees this year, i am sure more than usual, so this means more of those awful processionary caterpillars this year.... be warned! don't touch, or let your pets or small children touch!

this could come as a shock to some people... i had my hair cut at a hairdressers! shock horror! the last time i went to a hairdressers was in 1998, for a coloring, loads of colors and something i couldn't do at home! and the last time i actually had my hair cut not by myself with good ol kitchen scissors... was in 1982! 27 years ago! un believable isn't it! i was so nervous, been telling my self to go in since the shop opened 3 years ago, i think i feel about The Hairdressers as some might feel about a dentists!

and as i was coming home Franco was waiting on the corner, he had only been there a few minuets, the road workmen told him i had been out for about 10 minutes....!!! Glad they're keeping an eye on me!

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Mahatma Ghandi


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