Sunday, February 22, 2009

just some photos... surprise surprise of our street taken the other day...

although now all is looking quite good! as you can see from the third pic here they have cemented down the other half of our road already, and now here in our half it looks nearly prepared for the same for us... they worked till 9m on Friday evening and as normal till 1pm yesterday, Saturday.

yesterday Franco and i went to the poligino near the airport, again, although i say again, it was before Christmas wasn't it! where is the time going already this year!?!

we had a wander around the Bauhaus store first, had a coffee in there, then went to have a look around the big discount mall they have, shoes, boots, 5€ amazing! and the clothes in the El Corte Inglés... the lines of people in there buying! one couple had four or

five of the pull along baskets, like in Mercadona, full of jeans! jeans shorts, trousers, skirts, but all jeans material, and all 3€! so watch out for him on the market putting them up for sale at 5€ and making a little money eh! erm... good idea!!!

there was again, no lack of money in there for sure! it's a bit confusing in there also, the clothes still have they're original prices, and original sale prices on them, so you can pick up a coat and it says for instance 100€ and the sale price is 60€!
but what you have to look for is the price on the rail not the price on the item!

so the coat might be 20€! i got a pair of jeans for 3€ that was originally 39€! and these are all El Corte Inglés items!

the sales here en España end the first week of March, after beginning the 7th of January... still all good things have to come to an end! not sure about this discount place though, will have to
check it out later!

Saturday is Diá de Andalucia! Andalucia Day! the day to give thanks to this regions founding father Blas Infante, and means a public holiday here... it comes in the Semana Blanco week, half term holidays here.

Not sure how the above man would have felt about an article in The News.. a local paper we have here, it told of police in Madrid being ordered to pick up 35 illegal immigrants a week, and if they could not meet this quota in their own district they were to seek immigrants in other parts of the city. that this practice is common throughout the country and policemen who met the quotas were rewarded with time off....

moms fifth chemo went well on Thursday, one more to go... and all being well i shall be with her for that one. then its another CAT scan and hopefully she can come out for a holiday here soon, she says she doesn't care how hot it is when the news comes through she can travel she is!!!

Reality is merely an illusion, although a very persistent one!
Albert Einstein


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