Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

i could repeat Mondays blog here... with the rain rain rain... its still almost non stop here in Alhaurín el Grande! Poor ol Barry, what a holiday, away from the snow maybe, but all this rain!

talking to my Twitter tweaples we are all suffering the same problems, rain coming in! water will find a way.. although i am lucky we dont have a leaky roof terrace! how awful there are some cracks up there, but theyre holding their own for now!

our little area by the back door downstairs is wet the rain is coming in around the sky light, so i keep mopping, and of course our bedroom is starting to show signs of damp on one wall, well this is spain and if you live in an old house this is life!

we have had a few spells without rain... but this is when we have a power cut! monday i was waiting in seemingly all day for someone who was doing some work for someone we know and i was taking them there!

yesterday we actually got to do the job that was supposed to be done on monday, in and out and job done? this was during a period of no rain, but low low cloud cover, was like an old day in foggy england! i even got a chance to get out my sun glasses!

the power has been on and off all night, and this morning, mental note ~ need more candles today!

mom is ok back in blighty, snowed in somewhat, but still a cupboard full of food and nice and snug with her heating on. her and auntie Linda next door need to make a communicating door between them so they can pop next door without going out!

mom is sleeping a lot, says she is so so tired, so its hard to catch her up when i phone, and she says oh its you who keeps ringing is it!!!

today Franco Barry and i are going down to the coast... para aquas at the ready, waterproofs up to our arm pits...

A very very Happy Christmas to each and every one of you, steady on the eating and drinking! but as much happiness and good cheer as you can fit in! keep calm and relaxed if you can...

love and hugs to you and yours, i will raise a glass of red red wine to you all this evening with dinner... lets say... 8pm spanish time! and wish you all good health happiness and wealth!



Christine said...

Hi Marian
Wishing you and your family a very happy xmas and a prosperous new year.My friend and I will be in La Cala for 10 days in June so I hope we can at last meet for coffee
Take care Chrissie

Carol said...

God bless you and yours, Marian - a merry Christmas to you as well!

Marian said...

Chrissie... I wish the same to you my friend, all the very best, and see you in June, scary as it sounds it will come around quick enough! take care,loveMxx

Marian said...

Carol... God bless you too, hope you have a merry Christmas, calm and relaxed? too much to ask we say! love Mxx

Pia said...

Merry Christmas to you too, Marian, even though it's passed. Hope the rain has passed, too! We got some yesterday, but Christmas eve and Day were HOT! It was about 25 °C here, and sunny!

Marian said...

Pia, at last today was wonderfully hot and sunny,we were out nearly all day in it! well including shopping malls and this n that! but was lovely to see at last, apart from Christmas eve, we have had almost 8 whole days of heavy rain and thunder storms! hope this is it for now! Barry only has one more full day here and i want it to be good for him. hope you had a wonderful Christmas... lovemxx