Monday, December 07, 2009

Worlds End...

couple of Christmas'y shots for today... yesterday friends came up from Kent, keep saying *up* and its across really, or even down! anyways.... after a cup of tea we set off for Worlds End nursery in Wendover... didn't want Maggie having to do too much more driving after the trip to get here in some poor weather, but Worlds End is about 15 minutes i think, and the sun was out and the sky was blue... so looking good, and stayed good!

they liked all the shops there, and the plants of course, Cath said they're cheaper here than where they normally go in Kent, but a long journey to come here instead me thinks!

the Christmas *area* was wonderful as usual, on the way towards Santa above, the ceiling was dark and starry with big white fluffy snowmen *flying* ... beautiful, Santa had his own home just outside by the Christmas trees....

lots of decorations and extra bits you really would like, such a shame it has to be put away for most of the year!

two other gift shop areas there also, or actually four or five even! you go in and out of various places, they all have their own pay desks which can be confusing!

we stopped there for lunch too, Mom had her favourite scampi and us three *girls(!)* had a turkey dinner! so busy in there, but then it normally is!

Today... Monday, went to be a bit late and made the mistake of getting up late! 7.45am, far too late for me, so am a bit head achy, hate when i do this to myself, but i guess i will never learn if i haven't by now eh!

Mom has a doctors appointment this afternoon and we're going there and back by cab, so i had to get some exercise for me i would be rubbish tomorrow too, so it was up and out and i walked down into Berkhamsted, looked like rain but held off, i had the most wonderful coffee in Costa, it was a crème brûlée latte! and was fantastic! well more than fantastic and i would have another one right this very minute! will have to wait until tomorrow though...

had a little look around some shops, bought Mom a pot of 5 hyacinths, the lady said blue or pink? and i said pink, but how can you tell? she said oh i have my ways... she looked at them, picked one up, and i was impressed, till she showed me a picture of pink hyacinths on the side! hahahaha very funny! good thing i hadn't made a bet!

i was going to walk home even though the rain had started but as i looked to cross the street i saw the 500 held up at the lights and made a dash for it, thanks to the red lights i managed it!

its still raining now so not looking forward to our little trip out in another hour...

My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was sixty. She's ninety-five now, and we don't know where the hell she is.




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