Monday, December 14, 2009

oh dear where have i been since last wednesday? seems like months ago! let me check... ok not much help really cant remember... i think Mom and i just went to Berkhamsted actually last wednesday after my writing... we got a cab down town either that day or the next!

and then i think friday i went into Berkhamsted and did a little tour of Berkhamsted castle before heading into town for Costa, and my favourite Crème Brulee latte!

you know i cant remember, so will forget about it!

i hadn't been into the castle grounds for years, i think maybe the last time was for a November 5th firework display, a long time ago... it was a lovely day as you can see above, a couple were just leaving when i arrived so i was privileged to the peace and quiet therein... it was nice to chill out there for a while...

Mom has an appointment at Mount Vernon tomorrow, i think she was trying to get out of going saying she wouldn't be able to walk that far... but they have wheelchairs Mom so there is no getting out of it!

friday evening Kate picked me up on her way home and i spent the weekend with Tony and Kate, and saturday with Barry too, we joined the masses on the M1, and a bit slow going it was too. had lunch in Nottingham and a wander round the shops, and home again as the sun set!

went into a fantastic shop in St Albans on sunday morning its called the Emporium and sells, well as the word explains i suppose, it sells loads of *stuff*...

*stuff* from years ago and some from now... memorabilia its like an Aladdin's cave and i would really like to spend more time in there... Tony! but no, not really his fault we left when we did, it was freezing in there! i think the heating was blowing out cold frosty air! they really did have everything there.. furniture from the 60's, kitchinalia, (spell check wouldn't pick up that modern word!) unusual clothes from who know what decades! ornaments, furnishings... oh so much i cant remember it all!

ok amigos, am tired.. oh better keep going though, today i popped over to Aylesbury for coffee with friends in the morning, colder today, but not frosty!

i scared Barry a bit i think, on my gmail home page i have the weather for Malaga, London and LA, and it said Malaga was going to be -1c today! going up to 3c and later on in the week only going to 1c! when i actually clicked on the link though the true figures came up! hope he hasn't really cancelled his flight! Franco has bought the worlds biggest turkey! i thought he was kidding but he showed it to me last night on the web cam... and its a big bird forsure...

ok now i am going, feeling funny today... in a not funny way..


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