Wednesday, December 02, 2009

great day yesterday, but very tiring, on the bus just past 9am and over to Aylesbury, the bus driver was 12, no really! well maybe 13½, he looked seriously young for driving a bus, and he was heavy on the metal too, be it the brake or the accelerator, he was going so fast at one bus stop he was well past it by the time he came to a stand still and the guy had to walk a way to catch us up to board the bus, and we were on the road and not in the lay by so traffic was getting backed up! then when he pulled off the guy nearly fell over!

just shown New York on the TV, and the wonderful window displays in Bergdorf Goodmans 5th avenue ... brings back memories, last time i was at that store i was waiting with my cousin Tim for his friend who worked in their hair salon and we waited in a margarita bar further down 5th av - what a hard life eh...

... anyway... where was i? so Aylesbury! and it looked so much better than when i was here last, the corner where woolworths was is all taken up now by River Island and Peacocks and looks great, a few of the other empty stores are, be it temporary, full of christmassy things... and give the whole of the Friars Square a much more prosperous look! and then where the *missing* water feature was, is, Father Christmas's cabin! with a giant pair of legs swinging over a bean stalk! must belong to a giant... i guess?

i spent a great couple of hours with Sarah and Callum, coffee-decaf, then a look around some shops, lots of laughter and a few near tears... you know how it is... then i met Steph, i waited in Costas with a cafe latte-decaf! after there we also went around the shops, lots... then a bit of lunch and more shops, lots more laughter and a few near tears.. we're going to go to Milton Keynes! cant wait - although it will also mean i am nearly on my way home then...

i got on the 3.30bus back to moms, exhausted but happy! and over dinner prep and dinner talking to Franco on gmail video, thank goodness for that, and there was my baby Pippa, she has some bad habits when i am not there!

saw my favourite *Fools and Horses* episode last night, turned over and not knowing which one it was i settled down to watch it and there they were... del boy and trigger in the posh wine bar, giving all the chat and del turned round to lean back on the bar..... whoa! it was raised up and he went down!!! fantastic!

hasta luego amigos...


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