Monday, December 21, 2009

Rain Rain Rain...

oh heck what is going on... its pouring all chance of going out cancelled! Franco took the big para aqua this morning and i think i left my little orange one in cristinas on saturday! so until it stops raining i wont be going down for it!!!!

yesterday was ok, bit of cloud and bit of sun, Franco Barry and i went down to Fuengirola, El Corté and Miramar, a bit of a shopping fiesta!

Barry says we moan about everything! nearly all the time! couple of grumps apparently! well its good to have a moan... !

Saturday Franco worked and Baz and i just went into town, no rain, but possibility, thats why i took the brolley, but did not bring it back! Baz bought Franco a jamon for Christmas, he was so pleased! and there it rests now on top of the refrigerator, will take a photo later, i remember the last one we bought, we carried it home in the shopping trolley with its foot poking out the top!

looking at the tv now, trains disrupted, Eurostar cancelled for yet another day, snow ice freezing weather... all in the uk! and here rain so hard the only signal i can get is SKY news... and it just keeps going round and round and round!

Rain rain go away, come again another day....

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