Wednesday, December 09, 2009

St Peters in Berkhamsted ~ i thought this morning i would purloin a couple of photos of Berkhamsted today.. thank you!

there is a yew tree which when i was young i learned was over 2000 years old, so now its a bit older than that! but not much!! i just read a little yew tree facts and quote* The leaves of the yew are now used to produce a drug which inhibits cancer cell growth permanently, called taxol. Note: leaves, bark and seeds are poisonous do not ingest. The flesh of the berries can be used as a laxative and a diuretic.*

so i was just going to run down to the poor tree, till i read the red section and decided against it!

and above Berkhamsted Town Hall this is now a restaurant down stairs, a French one, used to be Italian... but in the *good 'ol days* the doors in the centre there were open to the street and down either side were small shops, a quirky gathering of unusual wears... a florists on the left i think right at the front, or it could have been on the right?

and down at the end, through the doors into a little courtyard, turn right and then into a restaurant, it was quite big and where the boys had their first tea cakes... probably... don't know what's down there now, will have to have a look next time i am in Berko!

Mom's appointment with the doctor on Monday, her kidney function isn't good, and she is back on the meds now which is good, half measures to start and see how it goes... she is sleeping so much now and not reading at all which is nothing like my Mom, she used to speed through a book a day or more! and this was only in September! now nothing, she is trying the last couple of days to get back into her crosswords which she also has always done, but she only really looks at them for a while then has another nap.... i cant even imagine her walking along the canal into Berko like we did early October, no way... Jose!

we might be going to Hemel today, but if not *we* then just me... i need some exercise and walking is good for me, and no head ache this morning i got up at 6.30am! well i say got up, rolled off my air bed actually!

Mom's suggestion of a hammock is sounding really good now, although not sure where exactly she thought we would put it!? maybe outside between hers and Auntie Lindas! one of them could pop out now and again and give me a little rock...

Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark.

Rabindranath Tagore


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