Thursday, December 31, 2009

próspero año nuevo & a Blue Moon!

This morning friends around the world i just want to share todays Go Gratitude with you all, today at the end of this decade, cant believe its been ten years since the Millennium celebrations...

i am on my way back to Mom's, will be back within a week. she seems to be living on wafer biscuits at the moment, saying all the other food she has doesnt seem appealing at all. she had such a huge delivery on sunday of easy foods, the list sounded very strange when i had finished it and the tesco guy was surprised at the quantity! and i will be there to go with her to Mount Vernon on thursday and see what the professor has to say... and make sure she eats all that food!

mom and i have a system, i gave up phoning her all day, the phone is in another room and she mostly just lets it ring, so when she is up she calls me and i call her straight back, but nearly everyone else who phones just gets no reply but are left worrying, and my poor mom has the phone ringing all day she says!

thing is people understandably want to know how she is but are getting her out of bad to do so! no matter i will be there soon to answer the phone for her...

rain again today... same ol' same ol' story from here on that then! although yesterday Franco and i went down to Fuengirola and the day was quite bright and dry, took para agua just in case though! lots of hard wind and rain over night, dare not go up on the terrace as whereabouts of washing could be a mystery!

Barry got off ok on tuesday evening, friends dropped him off for us, i hated just leaving him there at the drop off zone... the plane left a bit late too... so he is back in Nottingham now, with snow? not sure, i think his airport was closed yesterday morning with it!

ok amigos read below and here's to 2010 may it bring prosperity to you all, in health and happiness if not wealth also!

To our Community of the Heart:

Thank you for being a part of our lives, and sharing time
in 2009 together!

May this New Year be one of Joy, abundance, good-will, peaceful
awakenings and graceful journeys. May we have courage
to look for the blessing in every moment, and the audacity
to celebrate it!

May compassion reign in our hearts and kindness ring
through every word. May our waking dreams be filled
with joy, creativity and passionate pursuits. May our
hearts and minds be joined as One; unified within, so without.

May we remember we are all Children of the Earth: kindred
spirits, brothers and sisters, members of the Great family
of Love.

May we choose Love over fear; unity and harmony over
separation and discord. May we have the strength to claim
our authentic power; standing true in Word, action and deed,
and with firm resolve BE the change we wish to see in the world.

May our children see the Light of Love in our eyes. May our
elders be honored for the wisdom each bears. May every Heart
trust they are Divinely endowed with the birth-right to thrive,
and wake each day celebrating the Great-Full-Ness of life.

May we remember Heaven is within our Hearts, opening our
eyes to the sacred in all things. May we breathe prayers of
thanks into each moment, and with reverence honor the gift
this Life brings.

This is our prayer. We give thanks it is so! And so it is!


Come one, Come all! Did you know ...

New Years Eve 2009 is also Day 42 of World Gratitude gathering?

As we prepare to complete this wave, and this year, we invite
you to join us, wherever you may be, at 11:11 am or pm on
January 31st for a silent world-wide Gratitude meditation.

Simply breathe into the heart, allowing Gratitude and appreciation
to flow thru you. Allow this wave to roll beyond you, to the heart
of the earth and to the heart of the Universe. Feel yourself
being connected to our global family, to Source, to Love.

Let go of any thoughts, intentions, or distractions. Rather, allow
yourself to BE the Great-Full-Ness of Life, fully present to the
gift of this moment and to the power of Now.

Whether you are able to join us at the appointed time, or simply
choose to spend one moment - maybe this moment! -- in the
energy of Gratitude, know that you are part of a wave of
appreciation flooding the planet, our hearts - yes! all creation -
with Love.

What better way can we give thanks for this year, and prepare
to enter the New - with a heart full of Love and Gratitude!

Thank you to all who joined us for this wave of World Gratitude.
What a beautiful way to complete 2009, and begin 2010!

For those interested in joining our next wave, we're charting our
2010 schedule and be sharing here soon!

Thank you, Beloveds, for joining us in this experiment in Gratitude.
We are blessed by your prayers, notes of insight and kindness,
generous support, and expressions of Love and Gratitude.

We look forward to 2010, and beyond, and to the continued
growth of our Community of the Heart - which most blessedly
includes YOU!

Ukehi shi'bijii (Thank you for being our heart)

Stacey Robyn
and the ground crew of Go Gratitude!

P.S.When we have the courage to look for what is right with
the world, we will find our hearts, and the world, filled with
Gratitude! In-Joy this 20 min. journey with Dewitt Jones, as
he shares his stories on finding more and more to be grateful

TTFN mi amigos see you in 2010!
hugs Marianxx
ps... hey i nearly missed this its a blue moon this evening! second full moon in a calender month, so if there is something you only do once in a blue moon.... todays the day folks.... enjoy!!!?!!


Lightborrower said...

I'll *be* there in gratitude on Jan. 31 with all. I will be praying for your mom's improvement, and I'm wishing you and yours a terrific new year. (What to do in a blue moon --I have no idea! Maybe I'll clean the basement?)

:-) Carol

Marian said...

Carol - i missed the 11:11am, well sort of, i checked my cell phone when i was out and it was exactly 11:11! but this evening i will go out and stand under this wide and starry sky and join everyone in Gratitude... see you *there*... the blue moon? i sorted out all our paper work into files... so exciting!!