Monday, August 23, 2010

Above - My brother Mike and I...

I don't seem to be in a very talkative mood the last few weeks... I think of things I must tell you, then forget, I asked Franco the same question 3 times in five minutes yesterday! Not intentionally, just forgot I had asked each time!

Other things on my mind... bad dreams, and so tired, so hot, and achy without my anti inflamatories etc, a real pain!

Still no word from Lawyer on the death duties that needs paying, will six months in less than two weeks.

Last week I went to pay the bill that was brought to us on the Friday before, for lay payment of the water bill! Hadn't had the original... that I can find, I thought it must be a recent one, but when I went to pay it, I couldn't!?! Man in bank... he say NO!

So the next day I paid a visit to the office of bills.... Not where you pay them, but where you can get a copy or updated version and then go to a bank and pay it! I said I had never had the original, but he didn't care, and printed out a payable version the bank man would take! It turned out to be from January, but still one we didn't have originally!

So I paid that straight away, before it had the chance to go up in price again!

I also asked the man if we had any other outstanding bills, and of course, yes we did! The IBI, I call it the e-be-geebies! House tax to the rest of the world, and also the Basura, rubbish!!!! and the sewerage!

They all have different *pay by dates*, but I think the latest is October, so will get them paid this week, maybe tomorrow! As, as you know, bill pay days are only Tuesday through to and including Thursdays, from 8:30am to 10:30am....

Nothing else!

Saturday Franco and I went down to Fuengirola and the huge car boot sale, flea market, second hand, thingy do dah!

There is a car park for the purpose of the feria ground and whatever is going on there, we drove in, drove around, and drove out again, apart from double parking which some people had done, there was nothing, even all the non parking spaces with white *don't park* signs had been filled, and others had parked down the middle of the single road only allowing the smallest of vehicles to even manage to get through!

So back onto the road... and we parked miles away [well felt like it], and walked back to the feria ground, we coffee on the way! We also had a coffee and bite to eat where Mom and I used to go, near to c/April, which is where the first property was we looked at nearly 8 years ago...

We bought a kilo of plums, and later I made a strange concoction of a biscuit base, the pre cooked plums and a meringue topping! [said it was strange.....]

We also popped into Lidl on the Mijas road, on the way home, they're really starting the works there now, opening up the road, going to make it a dual carriage way, don't they get it? Don't they understand? The only reason this road is so busy is because the Alhaurín to Fuengirola is closed, [since April 2009], and that once that road is finished, well if ever this road is finished I should say, then the Mijas road, will go back to usual traffic!!!

I also was thinking *well how can they afford to do the Mijas road, if the other road, has been stopped due to funds???*, turns out Hipercor are paying for it, Hipercor is, I believe, part of the El Corte Inglés group. So they're the supporters of that cause... and when that road closes, a detour will take people... where? down the toll road briefly I guess and enter Fuengirola from that direction.

Planning? what a nightmare eh!

Lots of people are now using the rubble and rocky road directly down to the coast, good for flattening it down, not great the cars though eh? No barriers, and when crossing the river bed I think paddles will probably be needed in rainy weather!

Yesterday Franco finished off the painting in the living room, he started it Saturday afternoon, so now, I cant smell the gloss any more, just the rest of it! Its quite strong, and its anti humido and something else, not just the normal paint... I have been burning smelly [nice] candle while I'v been at home today and you know I think it helps actually.

We have a bit of a problem, someone is allowing they're dog to foul right outside out here, literally up against the wall really, I have cleared it up the last two mornings, but not sure what to put down to put it off? I am thinking something Pippa doesn't like, like pepper? Or garlic? Or chillies!!! Just something to make the dog avoid the same spot! Maybe leave a doggie bag there and then the human can get the hint??? Yeah right!

Ummm don't want to leave there on such a foul subject [!]... Arh today, I met up with friends who picked me up from the crossroads! And we went into town for coffee and a bite to eat! Was so hot we ended up going inside for the air-conditioning!

Now I cannot type much more, I was searching through records in a few of the normal places, and came up with newspaper announcements which I hadn't seen before, and there was the one placed after my Dad died... March 8th, 1970... Was a bit of a shock really... I mean, I know that's what I was searching for, something with my Dads name, but I guess I wasn't expecting that!



Christine said...

Hi Marian,
Hope all is ok with you.I was surprised you had a brother you have never mentioned him.Is he older or younger than you and does he live in Spain too.You can see the resemblance.Is it still very hot there,we have had lots of rain and wind.Hope Pippa is behaving herself. Love Chrissie x x x

Marian said...

Hi Chrissie, oh I wish he was here, he lives in the states, and is a brother from another Mother! His Mom, my step Mom, passed away 2 years ago...

We had a bit of a cold spell last week, dropped down to about 38degrees! And is back up now in the 40's... too hot, no once can sleep, we're all like sloth's in the street! Dragging ourselves along as best we can!

Pippa is too hot to, panting and just laying down on the marble floors to get the most of the cool floor she can!

I would love right now to stand out in the English rain and wind.... oh bliss...

Hope your good,
take care, love mxxxxx