Monday, August 16, 2010

Just thinking about an artical in recent papers about not feeding strays in Mijas... is that Mijas pueblo or Mijas Costa? I have to imagine it means Mijas village itself, because there are a helluva lot of people who feed, vaccinate, care for in general the thousands of stray cats and dogs down on the coast.

I think, could be wrong? But the vast majority of people who do do that are foreigners here, not so many local people care about animals who are homeless...

And now with a 700€ plus fine for doing so... What will the animals do...

Everyone is also still in shock at the roadworks stoppage on the Fuengirola road, its a, sorry make that its THE main road down to the coast for us lot! Incredible that they are stopping the works! They say its the crisis, but making all those workers out of works is surely adding to the crisis!

There was some rain early Saturday morning in the Alhaurín golf and Finca la Mota areas, maybe some more, but didn't see it here, or it had completely dried up by 6:30am when I was about earlier than normal to give Pip her walk before the painter came.

Pippa did about about 8 hours decide he was a friend now and it was not necessary to keep up the bark alarm! And then she was at him all the time he was inside for him to give her attention! Laying on her back for a tummy rub! She is such a hussy!

Once the inside of the front had been done you could really see how dull our paintwork is inside, again, and with the now dry, signs of the damp we had, ugh! So yesterday Franco painted the wall with the front door and window, and I have, as requested cleaned up the area above the marble skirting for when Franco comes home and he is going to paint the wall behind our sofa.. I also painted all that area too, so he can just roller up and down without having to worry about the edging.

Feeling a bit strange today[!] So hoping its just the humidity and not a migraine... And I have been busy, after this morning *networking*, I came home, and have been cleaning up all the mess from Saturday, so much dust! Mostly from where the painter had so much rubbing down to do on the front door, we had it completely surrounded by that spongy tape to stop the draft... in the winter... now, with that gone [for now?] there is such a gap all the way round that when you walk into the living room at first glance it looks like the door is open!!!!

We are thinking though of leaving it like it is, and getting a big heavy curtain to hang there during the evening, and then leaving it pulled back to allow air into the house... we will see...

I always forget to check my lottery tickets on the day, or even for a few days, then I remember and think well maybe I have been carrying around THE wining ticket... Till I have it checked and find its not in my purse!

Back to my strange feeling, I am probably just tired, still too hot for me to sleep, so my usually bad sleep is till worse than ever... Instead of going out this morning I could have just gone back to bed... Where I would probably have been too hot to sleep!

The many strange roads we love to roam, the road we love best is the road to home...


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