Saturday, August 07, 2010

Thursday I was having a day off from town, but the evening before when I went to feed Pippa I found we had run out of dog food! Poor dog had to eat leftovers from the cannelloni we had the night before... hellish for her! She was in heaven!

... So it was just a quick trip, I left at 9:10 and was back home at 9:39!

Yesterday, yes into town, Bar Cruz and lots of friends to chat to, we are all getting up with the imprint of the chairs on our legs... a kind of lattice work! So attractive! NOT!

I heard of another friend who had her purse snatched while down in Fuengirola about to get the bus back up here... I think I am going to take the minimum amount of things I need out with me in future, if I wont need it, don't take it!

I am reading a good book about Angels at the moment, and strangely on Twitter a lady started following me who is an Angel lady! Very strange... or not depending on how you see things! By the way I hadn't mentioned anything to do with what I am reading, so...

I got a late birthday card yesterday when I was down town, the postage seemed alot for Spain from UK, but said insufficient and was sent by other means??? Wonder what they were? Donkey? Carrier pigeon? Can't have been by boat, it would still be on its way!!!

Not feeling very chatty today, too hot, and in a strop! Was getting stropy in the bank again yesterday! And as I stropped away from the bank I was laughing at myself feeling that way! Mmmm very interesting, just checking out *strop* the word doesn't look correct, especially with that little red wriggly line underneath... but I think most of you know what I mean, although it seems if your Polish you will have read the word *ceiling* or Romanian then the word *drop*!!!! Now I will remember those meanings when I still am having trouble remembering anything in Spanish!

ok, just rambeling on for no reason at all now, so adio amigos..


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