Thursday, August 19, 2010

That photo above looks a bit big and creepy! I have at last found out what this bug is, we had thousands of them last year in July I think? Its here somewhere anyway, but it was the summer, they were falling from the wall or the trees above our house, not sure exactly, but you could hear them falling, click click click... I asked the neighbours what they were but they hadn't seen them before! I emailed a few places I found on line, but not a reply back!

Well the other day I was surfing about, as you do! And came across someone to ask, and I got a reply the next day! Above mis amigos is the shield or stink bug! Remember it has a very strong chemical smell about it, left alone, or when stamped on! Ugh, well I didn't actually do that to kill them, but I did have to... so many and going nowhere but hanging around by our back door with no chance to escape anywhere else for them!

They're Latin name is Chlorochroa Sayi! And they come in many shapes, sizes and colors!

So question answered move on....

Thursday already today, week flying past on wings of heat and thunderstorms!

We have been lucky here, only a few spits and spots of rain, over night, when I didn't even hear it, and the other morning just a few drops almost not even making it to the ground before drying!

But in and around Andalucia there have been some awful floods, four or five people killed, cars swept down roads that had turned into rivers... walls collapsing, it was a red alert in those areas, and orange here, but as I say nothing bad here at all.

[Pippa is waiting for her dinner, its only 15:18 and far too early, but if she keeps up this staring thing I may have to give in, she is only inches from me and just waiting.....]

Haven't done much this week, but walking down into town, networking, [great name for just sitting and talking with friends!] Then home, house work, bit of painting here and there, on the walls that is!

Read a bit on line, baked another crumb cake, this time with half a tin of peaches inside, no wise cracks please!

Above photo I took when friend was driving us through Ashridge forest, [England], I think we were just entering the college there...

Made and we have eaten another batch of my home made peaches and yoghurt and lollies!

Ok, OK Pippa I give up, dinner time it is then honey!

Right she is eating now..

I have had two nights in a row of dreaming about Mom, I expect, that is to be expected.

The first dream Mom was with some guy and we were walking around an art gallery and they kept disappearing, I couldn't find them, then I would, and so on, but the dream seemed to be all about the man who was taking away my Mom...

... now this was the sort of dream I used to have when I was small and Mom was dating, I had a reoccurring dream [nightmare], where she and some guy would walk me to the top of a hill, through a door/gate thing, then walk off hand in hand down the hill, leaving me holding on to the bars of the gate watching them leave me...

I suppose this is the BIG leave now! But still the dream of abandonment? At my age??

Then the next dream Mom was just there, I knew she shouldn't have been, but she was just hanging around...


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