Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Mom being caught being silly... as was I, which was why the camera was at an angle!

Mom passed away 5 months ago today, will I ever stop crying every day? Still thinking of her last few months, cannot get the images out of my mind.

And keep thinking about being back in the places we would go without her... just doing normal Mom daughter things... I feel like I am mourning her passing and mourning the loss of things we wont be doing anymore.... Everyday should be grabbed by the horns and held onto fast... Even the small things of life, I have a friend here who misses all the mess her husband made around the house, now he is not here to mess it up....

... So can I cheer up now, nope... what's to tell, Tuesday friend and I were supposed to meet up at Bar Cruz, she stood me up! Well we arranged it two weeks for the following week, but she couldn't make it, so we said the week after, wait till I catch up with her! While I was at the bar though some friends I hadn't seen for well over a year came by and sat down and joined me for coffee [tea for me!], and then I got up and moved over to another table where another friend was sitting!

.................... this morning I almost did the same, I sat and had a té, then was on my way to the shop to see a mate when someone came along and I retraced my steps, back to Bar Cruz and another té!

Then to the shop! And home! Too hot to be out too long....

No poem today, but this YouTube of John Denver Take me home, Country Roads


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